What is Collaborative Divorce?

Aug 05

Any person who has gone through a divorce will tell you that the experience is far from easy. Even couples who part ways in the most amicable of terms are wont to face difficulties when making important decisions such as those regarding shared properties, finances, parenting, and child custody. Because of this, couples have several options in order to agree on points of contention they may have in order to avoid traditional divorce litigation. Among these options is undergoing a process called collaborative divorce.

A collaborative divorce refers to a process where couples are able to negotiate and come to an agreement regarding contested issues with the help of especially trained attorneys. Each spouse hires a collaborative divorce lawyer who will offer advice and assistance in order to reach a settlement regarding the crucial decisions that need to be made. The entire process involves individual meetings between each spouse and their lawyers, as well as communicating together as a group. In some cases, a collaborative divorce may also involve the help of other professionals and specialists such as accountants and child custody experts.

After repeated meetings and negotiations, the objective of collaborative divorces is to help couples come to an agreement that they can settle out of court. According to the website of the BB Law Group PLLC, this final outcome can be extremely beneficial and reduce the emotional stress that is typically associated with such a process. Among the benefits the family law attorneys cite include the fact that collaborative divorces typically end in less contentious manner than litigation, which is particularly advantageous for the children who get involved in the middle of the process. Collaborative divorces are also known to be faster and a lot less costly. It also allows each spouse to have more control over their situation, instead of relinquishing decisions to a judge.

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