Construction Site Accidents: The Injuries and Consequences that Come in the Aftermath

Aug 09

Construction work is among the most dangerous professions in America. As one can easily imagine, there are plenty of hazards involved in the tasks required for building roads and infrastructure. According to data from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OHSA, 796 fatalities were reported to have occurred in the construction industry during the year 2013. All these tragic outcomes were noted to have made up around 20 percent of all workplace deaths reported in the same year.

In an effort to curb these numbers, the OHSA has been pushing for awareness regarding the four major causes of construction site injuries. The agency dubbed these common causes as the ‘fatal four’. For 2013, 36.9 of all construction-related fatalities were due to falls. 10.3 percent were attributed to accidents where the victims have been struck by large objects. 8.9 percent of the deaths were due to electrocution and electric shock. Lastly, 2.6 percent were noted to have been caused by accidents involving equipment and heavy machinery. Other common causes of construction site injuries are cited by Hach Rose Law. Aside from what was already mentioned, injuries in construction site are also typically caused by toxic exposure, vehicular accidents, and employer negligence.

When workers fortunately survive these tragic incidents, they are left to face difficult consequences in the aftermath. Aside severe injuries such as amputations, brain trauma, and spinal cord injuries, they will also have to deal with emotional and psychological effects brought about by their suffering. On top of that, they will also have to struggle with financial difficulties. Aside from having to pay hefty medical expenses, their injury will also impede their ability to return to work and earn an income.

In such cases, injured workers have several viable solutions to seek out assistance for their financial dilemmas. One, as pointed out on the website of the Hankey Law Office P.C., is through Social Security disability benefits provided by the federal government. The website of Scudder & Hedrick, PLLC, also points to workers’ compensation benefits as another option for financial assistance.

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