How You Can Help Improve Workplace Air Quality

Jun 19

Both the employer and the employee should be responsible in keeping good air quality in the workplace. However, it can be said that the employer should take a bigger chunk of the responsibility. There are various things an employer can do to maintain air cleanliness.

The employer can install appropriate ventilation systems, such as those from RoboVent. It can design the workplace in a way that supports good air flow. It can maintain the facility to ensure that dust will not build up. It can also impose rules and regulations to avoid unnecessary pollutants in the working area.

But not because the employer has to take the bigger responsibility it already means that the employee can do whatever he wants. He can help preserving good air quality in the workplace by doing the following.

Reporting maintenance issues

The employee should be always alert to see maintenance issues and assertive enough to report them. The most common maintenance issues that contribute to poor air quality are excessive emissions from old equipment, leaks from air conditioners, and the growth of biological contaminants such as molds.

Disposing garbage properly

The employee also has a role in workplace maintenance, and that is to properly dispose his own trash. Trash should be placed in an appropriate and closed container to avoid the growth of biological contaminants and rise of odors.

Storing food properly

Like trash, food has the tendency to attract biological contaminants, resulting into unpleasant odors. This is especially true for foods that are left unrefrigerated, so the employee should make sure that he is not leaving food in his desk and he is storing them in the office refrigerator or anywhere that may prevent contamination and spoilage.

Not blocking air pathways

The other entries above are useless if there is no proper air movement in the workplace to begin with. Proper air movement, together with humidity and temperature, are some of the most important factors that influence air quality. The employee should make sure that his supplies, equipment, and even entire workstation, does not serve as a barrier or obstacle in terms of air circulation.

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